Tsar & Tsai Culture and Education Foundation was established in memory of Mr. Ruchin Tsar and Mr. Paul C. Tsai for the founding of Tsar & Tsai International Law Firm and carrying forward the spirit of Tsar & Tsai in giving back to the society.

For the purpose of giving back to the society, promoting public interest, the rule of law, and economic development, strengthening exchanges and research on domestic and foreign law-related issues, assisting in the promotion of education on the rule of law, and rewarding the training of legal talents, the Foundation shall set out its major business on the following activities:

  1. Promoting education on the rule of law.
  2. Organizing and sponsoring law-related academic activities and promoting international academic and cultural exchanges.
  3. Setting up scholarships and grants to nurture legal talents.
  4. Publishing and sponsoring law-related symposia, seminars, presentations, and law-related publications.
  5. Conducting or sponsoring research projects on legally relevant topics.
  6. Supporting other charitable or public interest activities related to the rule of law or legal research.
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