Tsar & Tsai IP News

2020 No. 6 Tsar & Tsai IP News

Successful cases handled by our firm:
Micron successfully obtained a guilty verdict for its criminal complaint against a former employee for misappropriation of its trade secrets. Read More...

2020 No. 2 Tsar & Tsai IP News

Patent and trademark applicants may request reinstatement of the application if a failure to meet the statutory time period is caused by the COVID-19 pandemic [...]

2020 No. 1 Tsar & Tsai IP News

The Supreme Administrative Court held that the patent filing receipt issued by United States Patent and Trademark Office cannot be used as priority certified document [...]

Tsar & Tsai Lex News

2021 No. 1 Tsar & Tsai Lex News

The Financial Supervisory Commission (“FSC”) says that there is no need to set up a special committee set forth in the Business Mergers and Acquisitions Act for a corporate spin-off if such a corporate division may be deemed an intra-organizational adjustment. [...]

2020 No. 5 Tsar & Tsai Lex News

The National Communications Commission (“NCC”) interpreted the specific percentage that telecommunications enterprise shall report shareholding. [...]

2020 No. 4 Tsar & Tsai Lex News

Lesson Learned from the UMC’s Trade Secret Misappropriation Case Regarding Criminal Liability Faced by An Employer [...]