Tsar & Tsai IP News

2020 No. 2 Tsar & Tsai IP News

Patent and trademark applicants may request reinstatement of the application if a failure to meet the statutory time period is caused by the COVID-19 pandemic [...]

2020 No. 1 Tsar & Tsai IP News

The Supreme Administrative Court held that the patent filing receipt issued by United States Patent and Trademark Office cannot be used as priority certified document [...]

Dec 2019 Tsar & Tsai IP News

The Supreme Administrative Court upheld the IP Court’s judgment which revoked the registration of the mark "SHACMAN" for use on the goods "land carriers, automobiles, land vehicle chassis, automobile bodies, etc." in Class 12 on the ground that said mark was similar to the "MAN" trademark previously registered by Man Truck & Bus SE [...]

Tsar & Tsai Lex News

2020 No. 5 Tsar & Tsai Lex News

The National Communications Commission (“NCC”) interpreted the specific percentage that telecommunications enterprise shall report shareholding. [...]

2020 No. 4 Tsar & Tsai Lex News

Lesson Learned from the UMC’s Trade Secret Misappropriation Case Regarding Criminal Liability Faced by An Employer [...]

Nov 2019 Tsar & Tsai Lex News

The Financial Supervisory Commission (“FSC”) promulgated the “Regulations for Reporting Acquisition of Shares pursuant to Paragraph 1 of Article 43-1 of Securities and Exchange Act” (the “Regulations”).  The Regulations shall also be applicable mutatis mutandis to the circumstances prescribed in Paragraph 14 of Article 27 of Business Mergers and Acquisitions Act. [...]