About Us

Tsar & Tsai Law Firm is a leading Taiwan-based law firm that provides services to local and foreign clients on all aspects of commercial transactions, and on domestic and international dispute resolution and litigation. The Firm was founded in 1965 by Ruchin Tsar ( -1993) and Paul C. Tsai( -2013), and has since grown to its present size of over 70 professionals, including lawyers, trademark agents, and patent attorneys and engineers. Tsar & Tsai has long been known as one of the most prestigious law firms in Taiwan.

「Tsar & Tsai has always maintained a diverse, international character. The majority of attorneys received legal education and training both domestically and overseas in the United States, Japan and other major countries. The firm’s clientele includes many multinational enterprises and local listed companies. A distinct capability of the firm is that it can deliver direct services in fluent English and Japanese.

Attorneys of Tsar & Tsai actively participate in local legal education, teaching at law schools and frequently contributing to professional and academic publications. The firm is very conscientious of its social responsibilities and regularly performs works on pro bono basis.

In addition to the main office in Taipei, Tsar & Tsai has established a branch office in the Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park in November 2007 to provide clients in the greater Hsinchu area with timely and high quality legal services. Staffed with a team of highly qualified lawyers and professionals, the Hsinchu Branch Office gives clients prompt access to a broad spectrum of capabilities. When needed, the branch office can call on resources across the firm to assist in dealing with sophisticated legal issues and disputes. The Hsinchu Branch Office is especially positioned with a strategic focus on the following intellectual property rights and related matters:

  • Patent Prosecutions:

    • Patent specification drafting (in Chinese and other foreign languages)
    • Patent filing worldwide
    • Maintenance of patent rights
    • Patent infringement analysis
    • Invalidation and cancellation proceedings
    • Administrative appeals & litigation
    • Civil litigation and strategies relating to patent disputes
  • Patent Management and Strategies:

    • Patent search
    • Patent analysis
    • Patent validity assessment
    • Patent licensing
    • Technology transfer and licensing agreements
    • Compulsory patent licensing
    • Antitrust and unfair practices relating to patents
    • Patent management and strategic planning
    • Dispute resolution
  • Corporate Legal Education and Training:

    • Tailor-made training courses and seminars on intellectual property rights and related laws meeting the practical needs of corporate clients.